Monday, June 22, 2015

Spice up your Pony Tail!

Pulling your hair up is one of the quickest things to do in the morning. Ponytails and braids are stylish and so convenient. However, what do you do when you have exhausted those two classic looks.  We have one style that is super easy and a great way to spice things up.

What you need:  2-3 Goody Ouchless Hair Elastics, hair brush and 5 minutes!

Step 1:
Start out with towel dried or completely dry hair. Brush hair thoroughly. If you use any kind of smoothing or anti frizz product now would be the time to use it. Personally I love the Herbalosophy Zen Oil to hold down fly-aways and make hair very manageable.

Step 2:
Separate out the top layer of hair. About 2" thick. Place hair in a loose pony tail using the small elastic hair tie.

Step 3:
Create a hole just above the hair tie with 2 fingers. Grab the remaining pony tail and wrap it through the hole. Under over style.

Step 4:
Take the next layer of your hair and pull it into a ponytail over the first tail. Then repeat step three. For thick hair or for extra pull back and control repeat this 1-2 more times.

Step 5:
Rock it just the way it is or finish it off with a nice finishing spray like Wella's Stay Essential Finishing Spray or for some extra bedazzle Zerran's Diamond Mist.

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