Friday, June 26, 2015

Curls - time for some damage repair!

If your hair is curly, wavy or coiled, you know the extra care you need to take to keep it looking it's beautiful, bouncy best. If your curls have become limp, lifeless and your hair is looking more like straw than vivacious it's time for some damaged repair.

Split ends can be a terrible problem when hair is curly. They're difficult to see, but impact the strength and bounce of your hair. Regular trims will help and so will a deep penetrating intense treatment. Try Mizani Supreme Oil Satin  Crème Moisturizing Mask. It's rich in natural rice bran, argan and avocado oils to help protect from dryness and to keep hair supple.

Textured hair is very prone to tangles and a gentle touch is needed so you don't rip, tear and cause breakage.  Using a conditioning cleanser or a co-wash product is best for curls.  Brands like DevaConcepts, Mizani and ISO Buncy all are made specifically for textured and curly hair.

Thermal abuse that results in dead dry ends has only one best solution...a haircut (or at least a trim).  If you are worried about a stylist taking off too much, have her do a dry cut.  It gives more control and lets them see how much of the dead ends should be removed. 

Lack of protein can cause damage to any hair, but shows up more quickly in curly, textured hair.  Hair is approximately 91% protein and is made up of long chains of amino acids.  Maintaining naturally curly hair relies on a proper balance of protein, nutrients and oils.  Leave-in Repair Damage Protein Cream by ELC Dao of Hair works wonders!

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