Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Bride Essentials - 10 ten products perfect for your big day!

Every bride want to be her best on her big day.  From head to toe...everything has to be perfect!  We've looked through our over 20,000 beauty products and selected 10 we think are essential for brides to have ready in their beauty preparation arsenal.  You're unique and your deserve the very best on your big day.  
  1. Baby Foot - Exfoliation Foot Peel.  Get those feet looking great in those perfect strappy little sandals you've found.  Be sure to apply at least 10 days prior to the wedding.  The exfoliation is so complete, but it will take a few days for all the dead skin to flake away!  $25.00
  2. I-Envy Lashes - we have them in all lengths and styles! Strip lashes are easy to apply and give your eyes the extra pop you want!  $4.50/pair.
  3. Instantly Ageless.  This "facelift in a bottle" is just what you need under make-up to remove any little lines or wrinkles and smooth out any effects of your brides night out! $40.00
  4. Gigi All Purpose Honee Microwave Formula Hair Removal System.  Each kit is complete - wax, strips, after wax skin cleanser, applicators.  Do your stray facial hair, legs, anywhere! $20.00
  5. Olaplex Hair Perfector No. 3 dramatically reconstructs hair internally and reduces breakage. This 10 minute treatment done before shampooing will give your hair back its shine and luster. $28.00
  6. Flowery Pedi-Care Kit - this little gem is disposable, but has everything you need to give your nails any extra care they might need.  Great for travel too! $4.00
  7. Tantasia by Jane Iredale.  The self-tanner formula does not smell and color builds over 3 days of ultimate control.  It works with your skin's own melanin so this self-tanning product looks completely natural to you. $36.00
  8. Mirabella Lipstick.  Add a touch of soft shimmer or a splash of stunning.  Mirabella has wonderful colors so you are sure to find the exact shade you need.  $22.00
  9. Essie Nail polish in barely there pinks to shimmering metallic to brights.  The perfect shade is waiting for you.  $8.50
  10. Joico Gold Dust delivers a brilliant sparkling shine for any bride.  Add a touch to your hair or a spritz to each shoulder for an extra sparkly glow.  $8.00

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