Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Ally Answers....Little Tricks!

Do you have a trick for keeping bobby pins in place?  My hair is thin and fine and they always seem to slip.  Diane C., Springdale, AK

Ally:  Spray them with dry shampoo. They won't be sticky like when coated in hair spray. The dry shampoo keeps the natural oils in your hair in check and the bobby pin in place. Evo Water Killer is a perfect dry shampoo to do this job.

How do you "set" lipstick?  Tiffany J., Spokane, WA.

Ally:  Try holding a tissue over your lips and applying a light layer of translucent powder. The powder will absorb the excess oils in the lipstick and the tissue provides a barrier to keep some of the natural shine.  theBalm Sexy Mama is perfect to keep the color on your lips.

No one asked, but I thought I'd share this trick too!  Ally!

Is the arm on your sunglasses getting loose? Try applying a layer of Venique Gel-Like Top Coat or any other favorite clear nail polish. That pesky little screw will hold itself in place and tighten that arm right back into place.

P.S. I would love to hear your little tricks.  Use the comments section to share them with all of us! - Ally

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