Monday, May 25, 2015

Memorial Day

Memorial Day is about remembering the men & women of the Armed Forces who have died protecting their country.  They served with honor.  They sacrificed their lives for all Americans who continue to enjoy the freedoms and benefits of being a citizen of the United States.  We honor them all.  We also want to share with everyone an amazing place for veterans who have served and are continuing to suffer from those experiences. 

Eagles Healing Nest is in Minnesota, but it serves veterans from all over the country.  It was started by a Mom, Melony Butler, whose son served, came home and needed help.  When she turned to the VA she found none.  She didn't give up!  With determination and donations she created Eagles Healing Nest.  Their sole purpose is to provide veterans with a safe place to heal, to provide them a home until they're ready to step back into their life.  Eagles Healing Nest depends on donation support to operate.  Beauty Care Choices is proud to support this wonderful place and the veterans who so desperately need it.  Watch the Video. You can learn more about Eagles Healing Nest on their website or like them on Facebook.

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