Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Ally Answers...Eye Brow Shaping

I seem to always be plucking stray hairs on my brows, even a day or two after waxing.  Why?  Sandy V.  Detroit, MI

Your eyebrow hair needs to get on a schedule!  Brow hair grows in 20-30 day cycles.  You need to grit your teeth and let all the hair grow in (I know this is hard, but once you do it, you'll be glad).  Give it three weeks from you last waxing. The reason:  the hair will grow in and be pulled out at the same time.  Once you've got your brows on a schedule, you should be done with the strays!

Is the "pencil test" the best way to find the arch for my brow?  [Pencil test is holding it on the outside nostril and aligning it with the outer corner of the eye-Ally].  Christine M., Sacramento, CA

This is old-school and not fool-proof.  The biggest problem with shaping the brow is the brows are too far apart.  Brows should start at the bridge of the nose.  It's the secret to starting a good brow.  Only use the pencil test to find the arch...which should start at the outer edge of the iris.  Everybody's brows are different.  Pay attention to your facial symmetry and you won't go wrong.

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