Friday, April 17, 2015

What's Co-washing? Oil Cleansing? Pre-pooing?

People with fragile or naturally curly hair have been co-washing for a long time.  Their hair needs the extra care this more gentle method provides.  It's soap free, suds-free, sodium lauryl sulfate and sodium chloride free.  these can also remove natural lipids and may result in the loss of moisture and hair color vibrancy.  If your hair needs extra care, these types of products can be perfect for you. 

  • Co-washing - it cleanses and conditions in one easy step.  It's the perfect solution for active people who wash their hair frequently.  These products remove build-up and sweat without stripping the natural oils.  It's not sudsy but feels more creamy.  Try Matrix Biolage Cleansing Conditioner for Curly Hair or for Fine Hair.  If you have color-treated or curly hair, the Deva Concepts brand of products may be the one for you!
  • Pre-pooing - its for those with coarse hair.  This step is essential to maintain the hair's strength and quality. The tighter the texture, the more fragile the hair.  Pre-pooing is the conditioning step prior to cleansing.  Minardi's Pre-Wash Therapy is a great one!
  • Oil-Cleansing - it removes direct and debris at the scalp level while exfoliating.  It's feel is a lather sensation like shampoo, but with a soft, fresh finish.  L'anza's Keratin Healing Oil Cleansing Cream or Alfaparf's Precious Oil Tradition Anti-Frizz Oil Shampoo are perfect choices to try.

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