Saturday, April 18, 2015

Baby Foot!

Spring & Summer.  Time for open toes, strappy sandals & bare feet.  If you are saying "Yikes!" while looking at your feet, then you need Baby Foot.  This amazing product will gently peel away dead skin in just one treatment and leave your feet feeling and looking soft as a baby's.  It's easy to use.
Each treatment kit comes with a bootie for each foot.  Simply cut along the dotted line at the top of each bootie and secure with the tape.  Now relax for one hour!  (P.S. It might be a good time to deep condition your hair as long as you are doing beauty treatments.)  After the hour, remove bootie and simply rinse off.  That's it.  Dead skin cells will start to peel within 3-7 days after your initial application.  The exfoliation occurs gently and naturally.  Do not forcibly remove the dead skin cells when peeling begins.  The results...beautifully soft, sandal worthy feet!   Order now!

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