Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Ally Answers

My hairdresser is suggesting that she "blur" my color the next time, instead of weaving the color.  What exactly is blurring?  Sharon K., Wadena MN

Ally:  Blurring is a new, softer technique for coloring hair and adding depth.  It allows your stylist to totally customize your color and to be very creative.  Basically, one shade is applied to the top third of the hair section and a second shade to the bottom third.  A special brush is then used to blend the top color down and the bottom color up.  That gives you a third tone in the middle. 

I have a birthmark on my face that I like to keep covered.  Is there a product that will do this and still look natural?  I have tried so many, but they all end up looking cake-y or unnatural.  Louise P., Salem OR

Ally:  Try Dermablend.  These products are specifically designed for coverage of birthmarks, tattoos and scars.  You can customize the color to match your skin tone flawlessly.  The Cover Crème comes in 22 different shades.  What I like about it is it's lightweight but also hydrates the skin.  If you use it with the setting powder, it will stay looking fresh for about 16 hours.

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