Saturday, April 4, 2015

70's Punk updated!

Whether you participated or look aghast, the punk rebellion and revolution of the 1970's had it's influence on fashion and hair.  It didn't meet the traditional standards of beauty and harmony...choppy, chewed and spiked textures made being a bit random demonstrated the independent thinking and bold statement of the generation.  Updated for today, these strong but feminine styles are today's woman who wants to make a bold statement!

Johnny Rotten's androgynous style
was cut with a heavy weight on
the sides and a strong clippered
Debbie Harry of Blondie
demonstrates how high fashion can meet sass!
Bangs cut with precision are
juxtaposed against choppy ends.

Wendy Williams, "Queen
of Shock Rock" pushed the boundaries.
Here her famous Mohawk
has been updated to
chic with it's French style rope braid
on the side and waves created with
curling iron.

Vivienne Westwood created some
of punk fashion.  Her bleached
blonde shag created with both
razor and shears gives her
DIY style!


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