Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Spring Color!

Spring is the time of renewal! The earth turns green and blossoms! Everywhere we see baby animals emerging from dens, nests &  fields. So how about you? Are you ready to renew? We've got the hottest spring colors in eye shadows, nail polish and hair all ready for you!

Bodyography's new Spring Expression shadow line is just in.  Gorgeous pastel shades of blue, green, mauve, peach & more.  Their "Galaxy" shade of white is just perfect to brighten you eyes and let in the sunlight!  Just apply a smudgy line along your upper and lower lash line.  P.S.  They are on sale!

Hands will flutter like the softest of butterfly wings when one of Zoya's Delight Spring 2015 collection colors is painted on your nails.  Toes will twinkle in their sandals with color's like Tiana (palest green), Daisy (a hint of sunlight) or Lillian (a magical touch of a blue-green sea). 
Tressa Watercolor's is color-renewing shampoo.  Now hear this!!!! TaDa...Tressa has added Watercolors Conditioner and we have them!  The shampoo and conditioner deposit back just enough color as they cleanse and care for your color-treated hair.  Color tone is boosted and color lasts longer. 

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