Monday, February 19, 2018

8 Tips to Knock 8 Years Off in 8 Minutes

Eyebrow Pencil
So when you think of your face starting to look older the first thing most people think of is wrinkles. However, your eyebrows are one of the real first tell-tale signs of aging. Youthful brows are thick and darker. Start by getting a brow pencil about one shade darker than your hair color. We really like Mirabella's The Brow Pencil for its smudge-proof formula and attached spoolie brush.  The spoolie brush is the first tool you will need in making youthful eyebrows. Gently comb the hairs into place following their natural arch. Next, use the pencil to very lightly outline the lower and upper arch. The outline shouldn't be too dark since you want it to look as natural as possible. With quick, sketch-like strokes fill in any gaps in your brow. Finally, use the spoolie brush again to blend in the penciling and natural hairs. The art of eyebrows can be tricky so you may want to practice before actually heading out.

Jeunesse Instantly Ageless
Known as the facelift in a box, Jeunesse Instantly Ageless has been featured on the Doctors, Rachel Ray, and Inside Edition. This miracle worker acts in less than 5 minutes to get rid of fine lines and puffiness around the eyes. Use by applying a thin layer to a clean and dry area. Allow the cosmeceutical serum to dry for at least 2 minutes before applying your make-up. The key to having it work longer and feel more comfortable is to hold your face relaxed while it dries. Lasts 6-9 hours and can be used daily to erase years off your face.

Collagen Face Mask
Collagen is what made your skin firm and elastic back in your twenties. As your skin ages, collagen production slows and that's when your face begins to sag. One quick, easy and fun fix is to relax the night before a big event, or just another Sunday fun-day, with a collagen boosting mask. We love using Skin L de L Anti-Aging Sheet Mask. Sheet masks are great because of how easy they are to apply and clean up later. After washing your face, open the mask and apply to your face. Apply pressure to different pressure points to not only apply the mask but to relax even more. Leave on for 10 minutes and remove. After your mask is done top off with moisturizer.

Switch to Creme or Liquid foundation
Powder foundation is great for a young matte finish. As we age though, matte finishes and powders are not our friends. The powders tend to settle into wrinkles making them more noticeable and matte finishes continue to steal the natural radiance of your face. Opt for liquid foundations and concealers, to reduce caking and enhance radiance. Liquid foundations are also generally packed with extra vitamins and proteins to keep your skin healthy.

Add caffeine to your routine
Yep, that's right, coffee is no longer just to drink. It's time to add it to your face! Caffeine is known to constrict blood vessels and act as a diuretic. Constricting blood vessels will de-puff eyes and relieve dark circles or red sports you now may have. The diuretic properties are perfect for dehydrating fat cells which can give your face a smoother, and in some cases thinner, looking face. Products like Clinical Care Caffeine Blast are amazing cleansers to use the night before or right before applying your makeup for a big event, or even more often. It will instantly provide your skin with a youthful foundation.

If you haven't been already, it's time to start priming! Primers are rich in anti-oxidants for overall skin health and they lock in your natural moisture. The primer also fills in small creases and lines for a more even canvas to do your foundation. This also means your makeup won't settle into any places it shouldn't. One thing to remember is to find a mineral based primer like Youngblood's Mineral Primer. Those are the ones with the most anti-oxidants.

Dewy skin is young skin and the key to dewy skin is moisture, moisture, moisture! Moisture is just another thing on the long list of things we lose as we age.  Not only will the extra moisture provide you with dewy gorgeous skin but it will also plump the limp skin around deeper lines to make them less noticeable.

Lengthen your Lashes
While all of the skin around your eyes begins to sag and wrinkle, one thing that won't (visibly) age on you is your actual eyes. So why not draw extra attention to them? A great way to draw more attention to your eyes and in a sense shade some of the smaller wrinkles around the sockets is by lengthening and thickening your lashes. Now to actually grow the longer thicker lashes you need time and a serum, but what if your next big event is too close? Then look for lash extending fibers like the ones from Mirabella. These fibers go on before you apply mascara. They are in a cream formula so they won't flake or knockoff. Plus, it acts as a wonderful lash conditioner to add separation and thickness to your natural lashes. Simply apply, let dry for a minute then apply mascara over. Tada everyone will be staring at your young-at-heart eyes and not the wrinkles that show your wisdom.

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Sunday, February 18, 2018

Weekly Trending Product - Pharmagel Hydr02xy-10

Hydr02xy-10 Lifting & Firming Treatment

Be ready to be WOW'd with this revolutionary lifting and firming concentrate. Hydr02xy-10 is super performing lotion beyond any other. It provides a 10% AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid) & BHA (Beta Hydroxy Acid) combination along with Stabilized Oxygen for unsurpassed dermal improvement and maintenance. What does all this mean? Stabilized oxygen speeds up the cellular renewal process, AHA works to improve surface texture by exfoliating the dead skin cells of the epidermis. Meanwhile, BHA penetrates deep into the lower layers of the dermis eliminating free radicals (trapped oxygen molecules) to prevent unwanted premature aging. This breakthrough formula addresses dermal care at ALL levels. Don't hesitate, start having softer skin with a beautiful and healthy glow. P.S. Get 10% off this product and more from our current anti-aging skin care sale with code "AGINGSKIN" at checkout!

One of our reviews:
This is truly a 2 in 1 product!! I can get out of the shower and use this lotion to moisturize my chest, upper arms, neck, and face. It is not too strong for my sensitive rosacea type skin but it is strong enough that it is great at keeping my skin cells "turned over". I have had really "clear" skin since using it and that is unusual for the summer time for me when it is hot and humid. My skin is less oily too. Warning- AHA does make you more sensitive to the sun so I use this mostly at night and then in the morning before leaving the house I use a daily sunscreen to prevent more sun damage. I feel like the product is very reasonably price, especially considering how much you get for the price!! HIGHLY recommend!! - Janet

Saturday, February 17, 2018

OPI's Spring - Summer 2018 Lisbon Collection

The Lisbon Collection is inspired by Portugal's capital - The City of Light, Lisbon. From picturesque seascapes to sprawling yellow houses, Lisbon is where traditional heritage fusses with striking modernism that inspired these OPI bright & vibrant hues to transform your nail polish collection. 

Check out these vivid shades in order of appearance from left to right:
  • We SeaFood and Eat It - A lively Lobster red.
  • Sun, Sea And Sand in My Pants - A playful Sunshine yellow.
  • Tile Art to Warm Your Heart - A very Blue-tiful hue.
  • Tagus in That Selfie - A totally picture-worthy pink.
  • Suzi Chases Portu-Geese - An enticing white.
  • Now Museum, Now You Don't - A marvelous metallic red.
  • No Turning Back From Pink Street - A magnificent magenta.
  • Closer Than You Might Belem - An oceanic blue-green.
  • A Red-Vival City- A rich & vibrant red.
  • Lisbon Wants Moor - A peppy pink for a pretty look.
  • You've Got Nata On Me - A perfect peach shade that's oh so sweet.
  • Made It To The Seventh Hill - A soft golden rose hue for extra glamour.
Imagine the shenanigans a girls night could produce in Lisbon, a city pulsing with beauty, charm, culture & fashion. As Lisbon's eclectic street style scene is sure to set your soul on fire and inspire you to boldly be yourself. So, go ahead and pick your favorite OPI hue - We'll wait.

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Friday, February 16, 2018

2018 Spring Colors

Spring is just around the corner. This means that it is time to prepare ourselves for the wonderful trends ahead. The easiest way to get ready for spring is by changing up the color pallet of your beauty products. Trade those dark polishes for bright and maybe add a new color pop to your hairstyle. Every year Pantone releases the "it" colors for spring found all over New York's Fashion Week. This year's pallet is full of powerhouse colors that are all about helping every individual express their inner beauty outright. Spring 2018 is all about color mixing too. Taking not one but two of these colors that may not traditionally blend and turn them into a fun and playful statement. Of the 12 colors found in this season's Pantone report; here are our favorites.
Our staff's  Pantone favorite!!! Arcadia is the perfect cool, clean green that is both retro and modern! If you want to be fashion forward this spring, try adding these fun eyeshadows to your makeup bag; Jane Iredale's Pure Pressed Eyeshadow- Magic and Suavecita's Lipstick in Sirena. Don't stop there, indulge in the serenity of Arcadia with more products found here!

Bold and lively. Be ready to feel confident and outgoing wearing this bright yellow. Breakout your shades because 2018's future is looking bright! Zoya Nail Polish- Pippa is an excellent choice to go for when looking for the perfect shade to wear with your new spring sandals! Jane Iredale's Smooth Affair-Lemon will really help to pop your eyeshadow but, may also be worn alone. If you are falling head over heels for this color, click here to see all that Meadowlark can be!
Not only is this distinctive color 2018's Color of the Year, it is also a brave and daring pop color to our spring lineup. This enigmatic shade of purple inspires artistry, individualism, and quirkiness. Get this eye-catching purple on your next manicure with OPI Nail Lacquer - Do You have this Color in Stockholm, or liven up your lips with Zoya Hydrating Lipstick - Tommy. This provocative color is available to wear in many other ways too. Find everything Ultra Violet here for your new spring look.
This season-less shade is sprouting up everywhere this spring '18. Chili Oil is seasoned perfectly with an earthly brown based red that is sure to make a bold statement. You'll be the talk of the season showing off those lips with Jane Iredale's Lip Pencil- Red Earth and Maple Sugar Lipstick by Bodyography. Shop here to find even more in Chili Oil.

Caliente! Can you handle the heat exuding tempestuous orange-red Pantone has selected for Glo Skin Beauty's Lipstick- Fixation. This stunning shade is super creamy and features a long-wearing formula full of antioxidants and vitamins. Betty Beauty's Love Betty- Red is sure to spark some flames this spring, but don't STOP there... complement your new fashion statement by using Celeb Luxury Viral Colorditioner- Red as well. Get your nail, hair, and makeup fix in Cherry Tomato here.
our Spring '18 season? Get fired up for some fun with.

 Romance is definitely in the spring air this year with the most charming and soothing violet rose tone we've seen! This color absolutely compliments any other color in Pantone's Spring Pallet Collection. New season, new hair!? Try using Keune Color Craving- Lovely Lavender temporary dye. Don't forget to match those nails! CND Vinylux- Lavander Lace polish is fast drying, chip-resistant and provides lasting wear. Shop everything that's taking over millennial pink in the fashion forward world of Pink Lavender here.
With spring comes blooms. With Blooming Dahlia, we have this ripe peach hue that is suggestive yet subtly alluring. Get those lips blooming by using Bodyography's Lip Vapour- Tango, you're going to adore this peachy lip plumper!!! OPI is notorious for offering every nail lacquer shade under the sun. Finish off your look by grabbing their I'll Have a Gin & Tectonic polish for your next mani/pedi session! Looking for even more Blooming Dahlia? Click here.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Paul Mitchell's Neuro Angle Rod - The Curling Iron with Edge

Clipless curling rods or wands are all the rage for long lasting curls, but if you have owned one you know most of them heat to one setting - scalding hellfire - and can produce the worst burns due to the technique used to style with this type of curling iron. Yet, with beach waves becoming the new ringlet curls, Paul Mitchell has created an almost futuristic version for the popular trend that gives you exactly what you need without the frustration of traditional Styling Rods for more intelligent heat styling. Proudly introducing:

Neuro Angle Rod Curling Iron

Experience complete versatility with this advanced & adjustable technology that allows you to position the rod where you need it with the click of a button for customized styling from 90 degrees to 180. Adjustable heat settings along with the premium IsoTherm Titanium barrel to protect from heat damage while maintaining consistent heat makes this rod perfect for even the most delicate strands. The dual voltage makes this styling tool the ideal traveling companion for world wide use as well.
Determine where you want the curls to start, if you want curls from scalp to ends - place the base of the iron close to the head and begin wrapping the hair around it. If you want to curl only half the strand, begin wrapping strands at mid-length. 
  • Wrap the hair OVER the iron for more wave & UNDER for more bounce and lift.
  • Wrap larger sections for loose & wavier looks or smaller sections for tighter curls

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Tuesday, February 13, 2018

NEW Kenra Products and our Obsessions

Kenra Professional is a trusted, gold standard, power hitter in the Beauty industry with their endless passion for innovation & reliable, yet superior, results. So when this company launches new products it holds the attention of everyone who has ever seen their signature silver bottles with that elegant black writing. Keeping all eyes on Kenra - Just the way they like it. Check out these new products that we can't stop testing.

Kenra Dry Volume Burst
This incredible dry application, soft hold volumizing spray delivers up to 9X the volume from roots to ends. We found this product ideal for creating touchable tousled texture & body for all hair types. Although our fine haired sisters rejoiced the most, discovering new heights for their date night hair that outlasted our skeptical expectations, myself included!

Kenra Platinum Luxe One Leave In

Creating instant obsession, this all-in-one miracle spray is enriched with precious gold for opulent slip & luxurious shine. A truly versatile leave-in that delivers heat protection up to 450 degrees, can also be used as a cutting lotion, for after cleansing or for refreshing lifeless styles. Features a fine mist sprayer and a luscious scent with an end result that leaves your hair stunningly silky & shining like gold. Trust us, you won't be able to stop touching your hair and neither will that special someone. 

We LOVE to hear from YOU, so let us know in the COMMENTS down below & in a REVIEW on our website when you try these New luxurious products. Happy Hair Styling!

Monday, February 12, 2018

Weekly Trending- Clover Hair

Don't let Redheads have all the fun this 🍀St. Patty's Day!🍀

 Celeb Luxury's Viral Colorditioner is the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow! It's actually made to deposit color into the hair, giving you the ultimate control.  Your color will be as vibrant as you want it with each application!!! You may use their hybrid all-in-one conditioner to color, tone, rebuild, detangle and strengthen your hair. The Viral Colorditioner is available in 10 different shades. We recommend using this color conditioner on pre-lightened hair for a brighter shade of green. Don't be left out this St. Patty's (Saturday, March 17, 2018), they're going to be gone as quick as you can say "four leaf clover" so make sure to place your order today!

Friday, February 9, 2018

2018 - A Year of Celebrating Women!

2018 kicked off in the fast lane with the International Salon and Spa Show in Long Beach on January 27-29.  This is one of my favorite shows because it always makes a great start to the new year; being held in January and it is so fun to see what new trends are going to pop up in the coming year.  This year did not disappoint.   The spectacle was grand and artistic on the stage.

Even more than other years, this year we are seeing an array of hair colors.  Colors were vibrant, muted and metallic.  In vibrant colors, yellow stood out; a neon stop-light yellow.  Yellow is not an easy color to make look good.  I remember about 5 years ago trying to come up with a color for my wild client who loved her Mohawk and wanted something new every 4 weeks.  So we tried bright neon yellow and she looked like a chicken.  It’s a great memory but wasn’t a great hair color for her cut.  Besides the neon yellow, hair color ran the rainbow and more non-natural colors than ever.  From pastel pink and purple color melting that looks faded and matte to a whole head of teal blue or velvet red that was so shiny, it looked fake. The trends have moved past the streaks of hair color and have moved onto the whole head being colored or melted, balayage or hombre (all new hair color techniques to achieve a tone on tone blended look) or color blocking with large sections in various colors.  Wild hair colors were on every stage but also covered the majority of the attendees, which are all licensed professional hairdressers, makeup artist, estheticians, and other industry pros. 

Sitting in a social media class put on by the amazing Nina Kovner @passionsquared, I took a photo of the ladies in the row in front of me.  It’s such a great shot because they are all sporting an array of hair color and various hair color techniques that were indicative of the whole show.

Makeup trends were glowing.  Literally, glow-in-the-dark makeup was the standout trend that glowed under the various show lights.  Stage lights, display lights and of course many ring lights made for a sparkly event.  What’s a ring light you say? It is literally a circle light just larger than a face on a tripod that is used to get the perfect selfie.   These amazing inventions were set up throughout the show to take flawless selfies and many people revealed their lipsticks and eyeshadows illuminated when they got close to the lights.

Lipsticks are no longer simply reds, pinks and browns with an occasional purple, oh no.  There were blue, green, orange and black lips everywhere.  Like the hair color trends, matte and shiny were trending in lipsticks also.  The illuminating makeup trend was also present in the more natural makeup looks.  Lots of highlighter/contour on the cheeks and eyes made for iridescent faces even in a more neutral pallet.

Judging by the number of different choices by different companies, I would say we will continue to see hair extensions growing in popularity as well as eyelash extensions and false lashes. 

Hair extensions ranged from the individual bead type, tape in strips, and sew in wefts that are traditionally put in at the salon and last a few months to the more temporary extensions that are for a night of glam which included the clip-in pieces (my favorites) to the new amazing halo extensions that are one piece and go on like a headband.  Hair extensions have traditionally been a lengthy process in the salon chair and rather expensive to have put in due to the time it takes and good hair is always pricey.  But the results are life changing to someone that has struggled with thin weak hair and can’t grow the luscious locks they desire.  These new halo one piece extensions range from $700 to $1200 for real hair and provide the instant gratification of gorgeous long voluminous hair.   However, I do love the clip-in pieces (like the Leyla Milani brand that we sell) for their versatility and ease of doing at home as well as the best price point at around $300 is amazing for what you are getting.

Eyelash extensions continue to grow in popularity also.  As with hair extensions you can get the glue in type that is done at the salon and last about a month before needing to come back to the salon for a fill but you can also get the traditional strip type lashes that are used for a night of glam.  These lash extensions do alleviate the need for mascara! This is a big selling point for me.  The lashes come in mink or synthetic.  I have great natural lashes so I have not tried the glue in ones that last 3-4 weeks.
But even with my naturally thick lashes, I do still love a nice set of night-out lashes for events that you may cry or that you want to look more fabulous than normal. I-envy Lashes has an all-new look that we will be revealing in the coming months.  We are also seeing lashes coming in various colors!  While this was not super popular yet, it may be what’s coming up. 

My favorite part of this year’s show was the social media impact.  The popular new ring lights being all the rage on paparazzi row where you could take selfies with the top influencers of beauty like Larisa Love, Rickey Zito, Anh Co Tran and Johnny Ramirez; you could definitely feel the impact that digital media is having on the beauty industry.   There were numerous social media classes offered to business owners such as myself who find it more difficult to share in that media form and need some coaching to catch up. Social media has taken the beauty industry to a new level.  Artists often inspire each other and that is what social media is doing for our industry.  We are able to see each other’s work more often and the competitive edge is propelling trends to new levels at faster rates.  Social media is the marketing tool of choice for our visual industry.  Hair and Makeup artist are able to show off their work and individual talents.  Even beauty artists in very small towns who might never be noticed for their talents are now able to be seen and recognized for their work.  This competitive environment is elevating the standards in beauty and creating opportunities like never before.  It’s a good time to be a beauty artist!

The show climaxed with an inspiring event called the Leading Ladies.  This was a panel of women in the beauty industry brought together by Tracey Hughes, global renowned Australian speaker, and respected beauty icon, and was hosted by icon Sam Villa.  
Jennifer Coy (on right)
Owner; Beauty Care Choices
Tracey said "With our industry being over 80% female, my vision was to celebrate the Ladies that are really are making a difference. I selected the panel based upon the women’s strong commitments to ‘give back'.  Plus, I wanted women who have heart and soul, who are resilient and inspirational. My biggest objective is to inspire all women to believe in themselves and their dreams to follow their own journey courageously. "   These five ladies included Eden Sassoon, Candy Shaw, Sonya Dove, Jenny Strebe and Tracey Hughes. The women discussed the issues they face both in the beauty business and in life as wives, girlfriends, mothers, daughters, businesswomen, entrepreneur, educators and philanthropists.
They reiterated Oprah’s claim from the Golden Globe awards that 2018 is the year of the woman and especially women with the focus on giving back.  I too share this sentiment and look forward to an empowering and inspiring 2018.

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Getting the most from your Moroccanoil Treatment

Moroccanoil Treatment = shine, manageability, hydration and versatility!  When your ends are looking dry as a winter leaf and there seem to be more flyaways than style, it's time to rescue your hair and Moroccanoil has the answer.  But, when you invest in a hair product, it's important to use it correctly so it works as you expected.  This versatile treatment can be used on wet, dry or even next-day hair.  Take a look!

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Set those lips!

There's a new product on the shelves at Beauty Care Choices and you're going to love it!  It's Hollywood Fashion Secrets new Model in a Bottle Lipstick Sealer!  If you have a problems with feathering and "bleeding" around the lip line, then this 100% botanical formula is your solution.  It locks in your lipstick, so your lipstick stays put and your lips look fabulous no matter what comes their way!  
Directions:  Apply your favorite lipstick as usual and blot with a tissue. Brush the lipstick sealer all over lips generously, keeping lips apart for about 30-45 seconds to dry. Refrain from eating or drinking for about 10 minutes until its magic sealing powers are in place!